Suede – By The Sea

First, you’ve got play this while reading this post :

So, regardless of the bad weather here (it’s been raining endlessly, the last couple of days), i am really in a summer mood. So, today i made myself a really easy recipe, with rice and shrimps in red sauce.

You’ll be needing these ingredients :

1/2 kilo, medium size shrimps

1 green pepper

1 red pepper

1 small onion

a cup of rice

two cups of sliced tomatoes

mixed vegetables (for the rice)

feta cheese





We slice into little pieces the peppers and the onion, and we braise them together with a bit of virgin oil.

We then put in the sliced tomatoes with a cup of water, and we boil them together.

Once the sauce is ready, we throw the shrimps into the pan, with some pepper, oregano and parsley. We boil them all together for 5 minutes. Remember that shrimps don’t need to be boiled much, cause they will lose their taste. Once they’re ready we can crumble some feta cheese, to give the shrimps a nice salty taste.

As for the rice, well, i guess you all know how to do it.

Speaking of seafood, i remembered, the most amazing vacation i’ve had.

In Greece, there’s a little island called Paxoi. It’s a group of two islands actually, named Paxos and Antipaxos. You should all visit!

Here’s the most amazing beach i’ve been at Antipaxos :

Wish i was there right now..

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