Women In Rock – Joan Jett

Women In Rock - Joan Jett

R13 crop top
$155 – lagarconne.com

Leather top

IRO zip jacket
$1,102 – stanwells.com

Helmut Lang elastic waist pants
€1.035 – shopmrsh.com

High top leather shoes
$198 – yesstyle.com

Joan Jett Doll | Barbie Collector
$15 – barbiecollector.com

Siri Necklace
€15 – monki.com
Alright, this lady is really something special.
Badass stage attitude and a major contributor to music and influencer to all rockers of today. She easily manages to make male rockers eat their hearts out.
Who hasn’t sang “I Love Rock And Roll” (we know for sure Britney has), “I Hate Myself For Loving You” and other major hits?
She has been a true supporter of female rock singers and musicians, whose music she has been releasing on her own label.
Her own unique style involved leather bras and bralets (mostly on stage), stripey sweaters and tops (offstage), and leather pants.
God, she even has her very own Joan Jett Barbie doll series out.
Well, at least, it’s better to play with Joan than with Britney.

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