Women In Rock : Nancy Sinatra

Women In Rock : Nancy Sinatra

Crochet dress
$83 – modcloth.com

Mango striped sailor shirt
£25 – mango.com

Bally high heel boots
$319 – theoutnet.com

Zipper bag
$58 – lodis.com

Resin jewelry

Cat eye sunglasses
£45 – whistles.co.uk

J Crew straw beach hat
$35 – jcrew.com

Monsoon flower hair accessory
£8 – monsoon.co.uk

Lancôme eyeliner
$30 – lancome-usa.com

T3 styling accessory
$25 – nordstrom.com
Nancy Sinatra shoots us down with both her voice and her looks. She might be the daughter of Frank Sinatra, but she managed to leave her own mark in music. “Bang Bang”, was a huge hit when she sang it and again, after it was included in Tarantino’s movie soundtrack “Kill Bill”.
With a killer look, blonde curly hair and almost always matching boots with a same colored dress, here’s a way to rock like Nancy did.
These boots are made for dancing.

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