Women In Rock : Cher

Women In Rock : Cher

Bob Mackie fringe dress

Carvela platform high heels
£130 – debenhams.com

Shu uemura false eyelash
£19 – liberty.co.uk

Essie nail lacquer
$8 – cusp.com
If you think Lady Gaga was the first exaggerating trendsetter woman in music, think again.
Cher, with a five-decade career in music,cinema, theater and television could make Lady Gaga look like a student.
Golden Globe, Grammy, Emmy, Academy award are some of her achievements.
Her glamorous style, involves exaggerating outfits, many of those designed by Bob Mackie.Outfits that made her a really innovative trendsetter and fashion icon.
Did you know that she originated the squared nails trend and bell bottom pants back in the 60’s?
Cher was also one of the first women in music to reveal her love for tattoos, many of those she has now removed, as she admits that at current times ,tattoos are too mainstream.
“I Got You Babe”

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