Song of the day : Christophe – The Girl From Salina

Song of the day : Christophe - The Girl From Salina

£1,250 –

Chanel skirt

Chanel shoulder bag

Chanel earrings

Chanel necklace
€1.396 –

Chanel ring

Chanel eyeshadow
$58 –

Chanel fragrance
£60 –
When i dream of Paris, i think of two things :  french erotic songs and Coco Chanel. My song of the day “Christophe – The Girl From Salina”.
One of the most sensational songs i’ve ever heard. Once you listen to it, you can’t stop replaying.
So, this is a parisian inspired outfit.
“I will kill the sun,
never leave me.
I will kill the sun,
wanna find you.
Say your love is so brightI will kill tonight
I feel so down.
Girl please take tonight
I need you.
Girl say love prince you lie

I will kill the song,
never leave me.
Don’t forget the song,
never try to.
Girl say your love ‘s so bright.”

I would love to run in this outfit on the streets of Paris and have my fiancé chasing me. Just like a movie. ;P
This song would definitely be the soundtrack.
Totally breathtaking.

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