Women In Rock : Amy Winehouse

Women In Rock : Amy Winehouse

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Do you ever imagine what today’s music would be like, if all the rock legends that have passed away, were still among us? John Lennon, Janis Joplin, Curt Cobain,
Jim Morrison, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston and so many many others, really left us too early.
So many sad days for music, so many songs unsung, so many words unwritten.

Do you ever imagine, what a concert they would make in Paradise?

Amy Winehouse achieved so many things in so little time, she was something like a wonder woman in the world of music. Five Grammys, Mercury award, number one hits, platinum selling albums. Girl you did it all, you had it all.

I can’t listen to “Rehab”, without thinking if it was somehow prophetic.
Jim Morrison is also said to have written the song “Crystal Ship”, while thinking his own death.

A true pin-up girl, wearing all hair bows and flowers, with cute dresses and peep-toe heels, Amy was a trendsetter from the very beginning of her career. I don’t really remember seeing mainstream artist rocking face piercings before her (correct me if i am wrong). Her trademark though was, her hair. Amy, you made me love hair volume.

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