La Petite Marmoset


From the name of the shop i’m already hooked. I found this treasure shop on etsy and i just wouldn’t forgive myself if i didn’t bring this to you!

Katherine Martinez and Ashley Turchin introduction :

Katherine: I walked into my first vintage store at the age of 7 and was instantly hooked! For years I told myself “Man, if only my job was to go vintage hunting and put together outfits for other people the rest of my life!” Along the way my closet grew bigger… and Bigger… and BIGGER. I decided I wanted to share my passion (and clothes) with others! I created a personal style blog that evolved into La Petite Marmoset Vintage.

Ashley: Vintage clothing is special, well made, and timeless— Our goal is that you feel these things every time you wear a La Petite Marmoset piece. Why spend a fortune on designer duds or mass-produced mall mania when you can have the original piece that inspired the runway look?

You deserve better. –scratch that– You deserve THE BEST. That’s what we strive to bring you here with our carefully hand selected pieces everyday…

The girls said it all and we couldn’t agree more.

Take a look at some items i would die to get my hands onto :

Fringe vests, vintage redesigned dresses, distresses cut offs, collar tips, lovely vintage bags and shoes, sheer jackets, high-low dresses, fishtail skirts, this vintage shop has it all!

The girls also have a blog for style inspiration :

a site :

and a facebook page :

For those of you vintage lovers-and i know you are plenty out there- , jump directly to their shop to buy all the goodies here :

I should also add that their prices are very affordable for one of a kind pieces and that they offer international shipping too.

Pay a visit cause you deserve the best ladies!




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