Fashion Treasures : Galibardy

My heart is beating with the jungle drum for this boutique. Yes, fellow rockers this online store, i guarantee you will LOVE. No, you won’t just love it, you will adore it.


Introduction :

Galibardy’s latest collection, draws inspiration from the work of German anatomist Gunther Von Hagens. “The controversial scientist exhibits bodies and body parts in lifelike poses through the medium of plastination; something we have looked to embody in styles such as our double skeleton ring and skeleton hand cuff”.

Their designs have been worn by numerous celebrities such as Kelly Rowland,Cher Lloyd, Jessie J, Alexandra Burke, FRIENDS (band), Miss Dynamite, etc. and has been featured on the pages of several magazines, including : Cosmopolitan, MORE, Marie Claire, Fabulous, etc.

Ok, enough with the talk, let’s jump straight to the point :

Skulls, blood, fangs, skeletons, smileys, crosses, everything i love in this life, they got it!

Did i mention that these are crazy affordable? Yes, they are! International shipping offered.

Visit their online shop :

and their blog to stay updated  :

What say you? Love these? Will you rock them? I am definitely treating myself with the blood necklace, a skull ring and the tank top. Or something else. Damn, it’s hard to choose.

2 thoughts on “Fashion Treasures : Galibardy

  1. Hmm my faves are the pentagram and skeleton earrings, I’ve always been a bones person (the Indiana Jones part of me ahem) and the rose ring (so pretty) and the tape measure cuff. Though I quite like the toothy necklace and Carmen Miranda style skull lol.

    The skeleton arms necklace is quite clever but a bit much for me 😛

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