Women In Rock : Florence Welch

Women In Rock : Florence Welch


No introduction needed for this one, but for the typical cause of it i might as well mention some info :

Florence Welch is the lead singer of an English indie pop band named Florence + The Machine.In just five years of presence on the music scene, Florence hit number one with the debut album “Lungs” in 2009, and again in 2011 with the second album named “Ceremonials”.

Their music combines dark and romantic elements from many music genres such as rock, pop and soul. They have been awarded with the brit award in 2010 and won a nomination for best new artist at the 53th annual Grammy Awards.

This fierce redhead, has been named “The perfect Gucci girl” and has won the admiration of world known fashion designers for her style on stage and red carpet.
Her stunning stage outfits usually feature long sleeves to give her arms a more lively movement, light weight fabrics and nude colors, giving her a dark, romantic and ethereal switch,sometimes looking like she has come from a faraway land.

Let’s take a listen to her hit song :

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