Rebel Yell

So, i’ve had these little baby creepers for sale for quite some time now, thought i’d give them another try today, but i am rethinking it now since they offer a little grunge touch to my outfit.

The winner takes it all :

Some days ago i took part in a contest on, by Romwe. They offered a 60$ giveaway and a pair of sunglasses, and yay i won it. Didn’t expect it to tell you the truth, because so many people took part! Anyway i am pretty happy and i want to thank Lena for hosting this giveaway.

This is what i bought with the gift card from their truly amazing catalogue :

What do you say? Did i choose wisely? I love the collar for its uniqueness and the dress because it combines the denim with chiffon. Can’t wait for them to arrive!

I am also waiting for another amazing item i ordered from Asos this week :

ASOS Wide Brim Fedora Hat

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