You take me high, you take me low

So, i recently got this high-low dress, but it’s fabric turned out to be a little see-through, so i had to find something to wear underneath and i’ve been having in my closet these leggings like 5 years long, but today they seemed to be the perfect match for this dress. Animal print, with a black top is always my favorite combination. Happy, that after 5 years, they turned out to be useful. Lesson of the day, don’t throw any of your clothes away, someday they will be useful.

6 thoughts on “You take me high, you take me low

  1. Oh no… i gave so many of my old clothes to the Salvation army… ah well.
    Love the ensemble and think military boots would really rock it more!
    Yes, military boots goes with anything! 😉

  2. jeannie, i recently gave away three sacks of clothes too, for SOS villages, i believe it’s good, to offer a little help, but i accidentally gave away a dress i loved also lol.
    I love the military boots too, but today its so hot here!!

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