Life Is A Peach

Good morning my friends!! I am back with another post at last! As you know i got away from Thessaloniki for a few days,to tell you the truth i needed some vacation! So, i was at the marvelous city of Kavala, the second largest city in northern Greece. And finally the weather was in our favor, so i took a dive in the sea, as i have been longing to do that, for so long now!

But now i am back, and back to reality, but a dose of happiness was more than enough!

 floral skirt (i don’t remember where i bought it from, last year)

crop top (diy)

wedges, H&M

sunglasses, H&M

leather bag (gift from my sister)

spike headband (ebay)

So, some time ago i had written this poem, which was meant to be a song, but since i haven’t orchestrated for so many years, i thought of posting it here. The thought that, situations affecting our life change all the time, reminded me of the poem, which i had forgot :

“Well,life can be a bitch,
until you reach,
the big,big tree,
on the yard of Emily.

You jump the wall,
but you’re not that tall,
the peach to catch,
so you grab a branch.

A peach falls on your head,
and damn,you’re dead.
Nobody is around,
to lift you from the ground.

But Emily the witch,
who saw it all,
decides to steal,
your juicy killer meal.

She stands above
your body all night long,
she is singing you this song,
about right and wrong.

But the girl is mean,
and all this is unseen,
your grave she digs,
and she throws you in.

So now i’ll have to teach,
to all the other kids,
that life is a peach
and Emily is the bitch.”


Thoughts? Do you have an Emily in your life?

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