Strange Colour Blue

Good morning my friends,

i hope you are all doing great today! The weather is so hot here, but unfortunately i wasn’t able to go for swimming today. Instead i went for a walk at the dock. This dress from romwe arrived yesterday and i really wanted to put it on today, it’s so light and breezy and i wanted to keep it simple and clean, so no heavy make-up or accessories for me today, i wanted to feel like i was on the beach! Its fabric is so lovely, it falls wonderfully on the body, i am now in love with maxi dresses. Maxi is fashion at maximum.

dress ROMWE

wedges H&M

sunglasses H&M

Strange colour blue
Sixteen tons on the moon
Hey little mister driver man
Keep your head up
We are nearly there
I am racing
Outside and below myself
Nearly forgot myself there
Nearly there

Oh everybody’s sleeping now
An industrial silence singing
And the rain will keep hammering down from over head
Now there’s a blue, blue strange colour blue
Let me dream of me and you
Oh how the rain keeps hammering down

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