90’s inspired

Lately, i have been thinking how the past years have affected my style. Well in the 80’s i was just a baby and my outfits were, ehm, actually my mother’s inspiration and personal taste. But in the 90’s i was a teenager, and i was wearing all the trends of that time. Some of which i still love, some of which i now hate. So, a few days go, i ran into UNIF’s latest lookbook on youtube, which is inspired by one of 90’s cult movies : “Poison Ivy”. I don’t know if you have seen it, if you love it, or if you hate it, it is after all a controversial film. Drew Barrymore, a fashion icon at the time, played the role of a mean seductive-teenager-best friend-killer. It’s scenario, kinda reminds me of sleezy soap operas, but the clothes “Ivy” wore, gosh!! Amazing!

So, after a trip, down the memory lane, UNIF’s lookbook, got me thinking about the movies and series, that were inspiring my outfits at that time. I have got to admit, that i was rushing from school, to be home just on time to watch “Beverly Hills 90210”. And yes, i wanted to know what would happen between Dylan and Brenda, and Brandon and Kelly – Donna and David didn’t really excite me that much-, but i was more eager to see what those girls would be wearing on the new episode!

Yes, music can of course inspire fashion and backwards, but movies inspire and create trends on a more frequent basis, i believe.
Between the excitement for “Beverly Hills”, i was also fond of “Saved by the bell”, yes, i was a teenager suffering in classrooms, and Sunday’s favorite “The Prince of Bel air”.

Anyway, i feel that i have to mention movies that caught my attention then, and still loving them now :

pulp fiction – dazed and confused – cry baby- reality bites- beetle juice – american beauty – edward scissorhands – pretty woman – thelma & louise – great expectations


here are some inspiring photos :

How are you inspired by movies? From time to time, do you embrace any trends from your teenage years?

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