Worst shopping experience

Hello my lovely friends!

How are you feeling today? Personally, i am feeling too disappointed at the time. Today i had the worst online shopping experience, ever. I am not going to reveal the name of the store, as i don’t like to blame anyone, but i am going to describe my experience because i am curious, if something like this has ever happened to you.

About two weeks ago, i ordered me a pair of wonderful shoes (which you’ll see me wearing soon in an outfit) and a motel rocks amazing top. This motel rocks top, really caught my eye, on this website, because i hadn’t seen it online in another store.

So, i am making my order and for the next five days, i am waiting to see it on my account, dispatched.

Moving on through the late dispatch of my order,one day after, i receive an email from this website, saying to me that the pair of shoes i ordered, was the last pair on the store, so they sent me the demo pair, that the model wore on the photos, and telling me that it has minor scratches from the photoshoot. Overall, they offered me the chance to return it (once i receive it), and if i am unhappy, they could give me a 10% discount for my next purchase! (Like i am going to order something from their site, ever again).

After the long waiting of two weeks, (the items were traveling from the UK), i received my parcel today, only to see that the MOTEL ROCKS top, is actually missing, the soles of the shoes are damaged, and not even packed in a sealed shoe box!

I immediately sent an email (not so polite one actually), to their customer service, and five hours later, i still haven’t received an answer!

Top to that, the shoes that they said were the last pair of the particular size, were still seemed to be available on their store!

Gosh!!! Worst shopping experience ever, worst customer service. They killed my desire, to return to their website and buying something else, ever again.

What’s your worst shopping experience? Have you witnessed a situation like this? What was your reaction?

Anyway, to talk about something happy , you can read my newest article on ntynomai.gr here : 90’s fashion

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