Weekend Getaway

So, as i am getting ready and packing things for my weekend getaway (leaving tomorrow morning), i am listening my band’s album and thought i’d share one song from the album, to listen to your opinions.


Packed: sandals, flip flops for the beach, two swimsuits, fringed dorothy perkins kimono, high waisted denim cut offs, cropped tee diy, floral dress from solilor.com, new platforms,beach bag tote, lots of beach towels.

I was thinking today, that my blog is missing photo quality. So, i took the decision to finally invest in a real camera. The problem is, that i am totally irrelevant, with photography equipment. I recently got me a compact (duh, don’t ask my why, i really don’t know) and i want an SLR.

Any suggestions? What camera are you using? Does anyone use Nikon D60? Comments? Reviews?

to buy list

  1. camera
  2. sewing machine (as i really like diy, but it takes me lots of time, to sew on hand)
  3. vintage cat eye sunglasses
  4. vintage high waisted 90’s jeans

What is currently on your to buy list?


4 thoughts on “Weekend Getaway

    • do you have any suggestions?? i’ve found this Nikon D60, almost new in a really good price, but i wonder if i can get a new one, with this money. it will cost me around 300euros, and i am thinking since it’s a lot of money, maybe i could find a new one, with the same quality!

  1. I bought a Nikon D5100 last year and adore it. It is easy to use as a beginning photographer. It offers so many settings and options. The quality of the photos is terrific.

    I just got a Kelly Moore camera bag to tote around all my gear. Love that, too.

    On my wish list…probably some additional camera lenses, more cupcake liners, and some more pieces of All-Clad.

    Have a wonderful holiday!

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