Last post before taking off! Wishing you an amazing holiday!

Yay! I found a concho belt on ebay, exactly as i wanted it to be and now it’s mine! Can’t wait for it to arrive!

Concho belts are so hot right now! I am totally pairing them with ankle boots!Also bidding on some amazing jewels on ebay, wish me to win!

Which necklace do you like the most?

Damn, i should have these in my suitcase next week! Unfortunately, there is no time.

I feel i should show you some dresses from Motel, i’ve been laying eyes on :

Halter neck playsuit

Bodycon mesh dress

I’d love this dress with a pair of martens boots and a spiked denim jacket for this fall! And it’s totally affordable, so i’ll probably order it when i come back from my holiday!

If you want to buy one of these amazing dresses, or something else that caught your eye by Motel, be sure to use my discount code “rockingcloset” to get it even cheaper!

And now that i’ve said the magic word : Holiday at last! Swimming with Sotiris, sun bathing, sea gazing, breathing clean air, eating souvlaki with tzatziki, taking beach walks, going out for night drinks, drinking morning coffee along with reading mags at the porch, while viewing the aegean! God! I have so missed this! For about two weeks, i will do all these, as much as i can! So, this is probably my last post until the 18th of August!

Will bring back lots of photos for you! Promise!

Have fun wherever you will go, whatever you will do!

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