Beautiful Blogger Award

First of all i have to thank my beautiful friend Tricia, who writes the most amazing blog (since i am a foodie, i really really love it, and since i am musician i love it even more) because this girl sings in the kitchen :

You can read her nominations here :

Of course i wanted to accept this award, and three rules apply , i have to nominate 7 other blogs, and write 7 things about myself and post the award photo on the post.
I have to point out that this is kind of hard to do, since i read and adore so many blogs, but i had to narrow it down, so here are my nominations:









And here are 7 little things about myself :

1. I’ve studied to be a beautician, but i have never worked as one.

2. I have never seen Star Wars. None of them.

3. If i don’t straighten my hair, i look like a bush.

4. I have been in a major motorcycle accident as a teenager, which led me to three knee surgeries. Thank you photoshop.

5. I quit smoking every day.

6. I start smoking every day.

7. I love traveling to mountains, more than i love traveling to islands, even though i live in Greece.


Hope all these amazing bloggers accept this award! I am so eager to learn little things about them! These are the things that make us special.

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