Fall/Winter key pieces. What a girl should have in her closet to get through winter.

Today, i would like to share with you, my fall/winter 2012, essentials wishlist. And when i say essentials, i don’t really mean the basics. I mean what would make our closets, a fashion paradise!

This is actually a pretty big list, but i have already made the start, with some things i bought : suspender skirt, maxi buttoned skirt, vintage tees, lace bell bottoms etc. you’ll see them all soon! And i am sure, you all have some of the basic stuff in your closets, but i will be getting in details on this list, like prints, trends, fabrics. Things that are actually getting a lot of love lately. Like the military trend, the snake skin print, the burgundy color and the most amazing fabrics : velvet and leather.



  1. silver leggings or pants (cause we all love shinny things)
  2. camo leggings or pants (cause military is a permanent trend the last few years..it has become something like..denim. Necessary.)
  3. snakeskin pants (almost loving them more than leopard ones this fall)
  4. leather pants (red or black, look for UNIF , or high waisted , or Tripp NYC on nastygal)
  5. leather shorts (get them from Nastygal, —especially loving these spiked ones —or get them from ASOS)
  6. leather skirt (high waisted or circle, ASOS has a few and etsy has vintage ones)
  7. floral pants (get the most amazing floral prints on MOTELROCKS, and don’t forget to use my discount code “rockingcloset” to get a 20% off.
  8. leopard pants or leggings (get them on a local store, on all online stores or the H&M local store)
  9. suspender skirt (they’ll be making a big comeback, nastygal has some amazing designs, like this and this 
  10. suspender leggings or lace up leggings (get suspenders on blackmilk, and solilor has amazing leather like lace ups here)
  11. maxi black skirt with splits
  12. maxi ditsy skirt or maxi plaid skirt i would prefer. Anyway, get a maxi printed skirt. (UNIF on nastygal, UNIF on karmaloop)
  13. maxi snakeskin print skirt (you shouldn’t ask why. It’s hotter than leopard now. In my eyes at least)
  14. bell bottoms (lace or velvet. I got my vintage flares from ebay. Wear them with XL tees)
  15. high waisted 90’s vintage jeans (find them on ebay and etsy and urban outfitters)
  16. boyfriend jeans (steal your boyfriend’s if they fit. They will be worn in and it will be not just cheaper, but..free. Of course, it depends on the boyfriend)
  17. velvet leggings (tie dye or burgundy)
  18. dungarees (long, short, black, white, floral, whatever you prefer, with a crop top and an over sized cardigan for perfect layering)


  1. velvet bustier (studded if you’d prefer)
  2. sequin crop top (this season you won’t have trouble finding one, with all this glam everywhere, i adore this from Nastygal)
  3. band tees (amazing vintage on ebay and etsy)
  4. harley davidson tees (ebay and etsy too, unless you lucky people live in the UK or America and go thrifting)
  5. plaid top (if you can’t find a top, get a plaid shirt and cut it.But i have found one for you : here)
  6. lace crop top (black or white, they go with everything, and are perfect for layering)
  7. oversized metallic sweater (it’s time to visit your grandma, isn’t it?!)
  8. slouchy distressed/destroyed sweater or cardi (Romwe here, is the specialist and i’ll be giving you some coupons at the list’s end, that you can use for a discount, solilor also has an amazing wide range of oversized cardigans)
  9. cropped sweater (in pastels, if you love them. So it’s time to visit your grandma. Again.)
  10. plaid shirts (tie them on your waist, and fill your ipod with all Nirvana hits)
  11. velvet turtleneck top (in all colors)
  12. leather tank top or leather sweater or leather t-shirt(it’s just a necessity)
  13. denim shirt (i’d get my dad’s, cause i like them worn and faded)


  1. twist dress or cut out dress (because we are all twisted minds and we like to show it once in a while)
  2. nightfall maxi dress (from Nasty Gal, cause indeed Nasty Gals do it better)
  3. two piece set (Now i don’t really know if this should be under the dresses category, but since a skirt and a top of same print, look like a dress together, i chose to put it under this category. You can match pieces from Motel Rocks)
  4. velvet dress (mini or maxi)
  5. crochet or lace black dress
  6. tie dye mini dress (i’d go for the UNIF deadstock one or the See you Monday one on karmaloop)
  7. mesh maxi dress (get a vintage one on etsy. They are perfect for layering, with leggings and bralets, so that your tummy almost shows)


  1. biker jacket (any color,preferably with spikes or studs. Well get it in black first, and then get any color you want.)
  2. shearling coat (on light brown or black get cozy)
  3. spiked denim jacket (spike your own, we all have one in the closet, and you can get spikes, studs, pins and large patches from ebay with just 10 usd. If you are too bored to do this, get one from Topshop or the amazing UNIF one from Nastygal)
  4. metallic jacket (topshop 1 and topshop 2 and topshop 3)
  5. fringe jacket (leather or vintage suede from etsy.)
  6. duster (get one on nastygal, romwe, etsy, or ebay if you like vintage)
  7. faux fur jackets (please ladies, let it be faux. Loving this from Topshop)
  8. “Almost famous” type coat. With faux fur collar. (I tracked down another amazing one on ebay for you here)
  9. military/army/camo jacket (had got mine last winter cause i saw this trend coming. Thankfully that’s an item i can strike through this list)


  1. felt hat
  2. beanies (almost free on ebay)
  3. moschino belt (if you can’t afford the vintage redwall original, get an imitation one from ebay here)
  4. harness belts (over tops or shirts,and you will look super super bad and awesome. Just be sure to get the right size, cause you’d want to able to breathe)
  5. lace bras (for wearing underneath cropped  and open arm t-shirts)
  6. studded bumbag (yes, they are making a comeback, and i love them cause they leave my hands free for dancing, and i don’t forget them here and there, like a shoulder bag)
  7. backpack (studded or denim to match everything, and to give an awesome twist ,even to the most casual outfit)
  8. lots and lots and lots of blings (there is no reason or advise here, just fill your jewelry box)
  9. concho belt ( Jim Morrison wore them, like.. always.. and everywhere, and UNIF recently created the most amazing one i’ve seen. If you can’t afford the UNIF one, get a vintage on etsy)
  10. velvet choker (watch “Leon” and you’ll know why)


  1. All JCs. I especially love the Tardy in all colors, and the new Morrison booties. (get them on solestruck)
  2. biker boots (if you don’t already have a pair)
  3. combat boots (i am sure you already have a pair, if you don’t i’d go for the studded Steve Madden’s)
  4. western boots (with denim cut offs and a band tee. Hell yeah. You won’t need anything else)
  5. wedge trainers or just trainers (cause we all need to rest out feet sometimes)
  6. All star flatforms (cause they’re too hot)
  7. UNIF hellbounds (Cause they are the most awesome block heels ever made,here in black)

Well, that’s all i think. Or almost all. Luckily, i already have quite a few of these essentials in my closet.  Like the most basics of all. The leather biker jacket, the combat boots and lots of leggings.

If you visit Motel Rocks, don’t forget to use the code “rockingcloset” at checkout, to enjoy 20% off, on all Motel products. Only on the Motel products though. Keep that in mind.

And here are some coupons, if you decide to visit Romwe, to get those amazing sweater they have brought in for the upcoming fall. I already got me a cross printed slouchy one.

15% off $70+ at Romwe.com,free shipping,only be used once per customer,ends on 09/15/2012.

20% off $110+ at Romwe.com,free shipping,only be used once per customer,ends on 09/15/2012.
25% off $150+ at Romwe.com,free shipping,only be used once per customer,ends on 09/15/2012.

If you feel like i’ve left something out of the list, leave a comment! Tell me what you think! What are your fall/winter essentials?

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