Flash post : I’ve reached a milestone

To tell you the truth, i didn’t really know what a milestone was before the facebook timeline. Thank you Mark.

Now that i have learned, it just hit me like five minutes ago, that i have reached my first milestone, on this blog. I’ve had over 10.000 visits, since i started this blog, about 4 and a half months ago. And i would like to ask you all bloggers, is that a good thing? Is it a bad thing? Are they too many, are they too little?

Anyway, i would also like to thank all of you for the support, comments etc. Cause if i have no one that talks back to me, would blogging be something worthy to do? I guess it wouldn’t.




6 thoughts on “Flash post : I’ve reached a milestone

  1. Wow! Congrats!! Hmm…I’d say it is a good thing because it means you are putting very good content out there and it keeps them wanting more so that is why they come back so YAY! Congratulations 😀

    • thank you! i really didn’t know if the visits are too few or a good percentage, because i visit some blogs and see they have like millions of visits, but i don’t know, how many years it has taken to reach such a big readership!

  2. Σημαίνει ότι έχεις αρκετή επισκεψιμότητα, 2μιση χιλιάρικα τον μήνα είναι τρομερά για αρχή. Ένας φίλος μου έχει ένα blog με στίχους από ελληνικά ραπ τραγούδια και έχει κατά μέσο όρο 5 χιλιάρικα τον μήνα. Εγώ είχα επίσης blog για περίπου 2 χρόνια αλλά ποτέ δεν ξεπέρασα τις 700+ τον μήνα …

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