Under my thumb

vintage suspender skirt

wedges H&M

plain white tee

This is the latest vintage addition to my closet. The suspender skirt has quickly become my favorite item for the upcoming fall! Can’t wait to combine it with crop sweats! Here it is combined with a plain white tee, to emphasize more on the suspenders!

Did i mention that you can read my latest fashion article (if you understand greek– or if you just want to see pretty sparkling clothes) on my favorite greek fashion site ntynomai.gr here

“Under my thumb
The girl who once had me down
Under my thumb
The girl who once pushed me around

It’s down to me
The difference in the clothes she wears
Down to me, the change has come,
She’s under my thumb…”

8 thoughts on “Under my thumb

  1. Love this outfit! Suspenders are awesome, one of my favourite things, and they work best with a simple outfit like this. Too much detail and flash going on detracts from the quirky awesomeness that is suspenders. They make a simple outfit like this just “pop” and stand out. Lovely!

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