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Hello my friends, it’s been a while! I know it and i am sorry! Few things have changed in my life that kept me from blogging the last few weeks (including a strong cold i caught-and still fighting it), but i am getting back to my blog posts starting from today! This post is all about introducing to you, some amazing fashion sites, that i personally think, you would love spending time on, to get inspiration and discover the lastest trends, some amazing blogs,stores etc.


Chictopia is like a fashion paradise. You can spend hours on this site  browsing endless outfit photos by the most amazing bloggers, get the latest fashion news, plus the coolest diys from their amazing column Everybody Is Ugly, discover all kind of indie boutiques (new and vintage),get ideas for your own outfits by browsing categories and events. Add to all this, becoming a member of Chictopia and being an active member of the community, you can gather points (which are called chic points) and redeem some amazing rewards by the boutiques featured on the site. Could it get any cooler than this?


Oh, polyvore..This site has really made me spend endless hours creating collages. It all started at the beginning of this blog, when i created a blog posts series called “Women In Rock”.  I started using it, in order to put together outfits, presenting the style of  rocking ladies. This series ended, but still, i was found spending endless hours again, creating outfits for contests they hold. Polyvore has had some serious collaborations with major brands, giving the chance to the site’s users, to participate and create their own interpretation of style and outfits and rewarding the best, with all kinds of special gifts. Well, maybe i haven’t won anything yet, but after a period of time, the thing i loved more about Polyvore, is that you can really exersice your imagination and styling skills while having fun and being creative. Add to all these, there are also some amazing interior design collages on this site, that could make Ikea look like an amateur. So, if you need a redecoration, don’t know to style a product, or just need something creative to spend your time on, Polyvore is the place. Another thing to add to all the features, is that when you put products in your favorites list and these products go on sale, Polyvore sends you an email. There you have it.Go and sign yourself to this site. Now!  Did i mention that  plenty of retailers like Romwe, Sheinside etc., also hold their own group contests and reward the best sets with gifts?(I actually won a contest by one of these, and received a giftcard. Will show what i bought, when it arrives)


I have two words for this site. Fashion organiser. Or three: “Apparel bookmark manager” . Till i discovered this site, i can surely tell you one thing. My mozilla browser was suffering. No, it was suffocating, by the hundreds of bookmarks. Being a fashion addict, spending hours browsing online stores, it is only natural for me to come across many,many,many things i love. Shoes, clothes, accessories,jewelry.I must have had like a thousand products saved on the bookmarks file, which was causing my browser to slow down, or even crash sometimes. And of course, between the hundreds of bookmarks, if i wanted to find a thing, i would have to open endless links to find the particular one i was looking for. Well, Fashiolista, really put an end to all this, cause it works like a bookmark tool, where you can save all your favorite products and browse them whenever you want,by just installing a “heart” widget. Now, you can find that amazing dress you saved three weeks ago, by just looking at the photos. Plus, you can upload your outfits and drive traffic to your blog, plus you can participate in contests. Save your browsers,ladies.


Streetstyle at its best. Thousands of streetstyle photos, thousands of bloggers from all around the globe are here to inspire your outfits and photo creativity. Lookbook is a platform that really gives birth to all the latest trends. No wonder, why it has more than fans on facebook. Have you ever bought a product and don’t know how to style it? Most likely one of all the LookBook members, might own this product and has uploaded a shot. Do your search and get styling ideas by fashion trendsetters!

ASOS Fashionfinder

Now, i am sure, i don’t have to introduce ASOS to you, but Asos Fashionfinder is another thing, to which i hadn’t really spent time on till recently. If you are a fashion blogger and even more if you an ASOS lover like me, this is definitely a must platform for you to post your outfits, or get ideas how to style your ASOS products. But even if you are not a blogger and looking for a nice way to spend your time, you can take part in the amazing competitions ASOS arranges from time to time, by creating your own collages and maybe that fashion spirit you have will get rewarded with ASOS vouchers.


Discover the latest fashion obsessions by all time favorite blogs and follow their wishlists and the latest additions to their closets.

Refinery 29

Now, this is the time to admit something to all of you. While i love fashion, i don’t really get excited with haute coutoure or high fashion designers, and being on a budget, also means, that even if i wanted to, i couldn’t really spend big amounts on clothing. I love Refinery 29, cause it gives you options. Unlike many other sites, that only feature runway products, this one gives solutions and features products for any kind of budget. Plus, i really love its wide range of content and articles. I can get updates on all my favorites : Fashion, music, beauty, travel, design. All these, in one place. Another amazing feature about this site (which i haven’t tried yet though),is that you can purchase discounted giftcards directly from their site, for some trully great online stores. So, be sure to subscribe yourself!

These are my go to places! Did i leave anything out? Leave a comment with your favorite sites! Which ones do you use for inspiration and treasure hunt?

Follow me on these links, if you decide to join one, or all of these sites, and let me know, cause i really want to see the things you put together! Maybe we could inspire each other!

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