10 amazing Christmas gifts for him, under 30e

If there’s a special man in your life, you shouldn’t leave him out of your Christmas giftlist. And of course this doesn’t mean that the “special” man, is a boyfriend or a husband. It could be a brother, a friend, a son. When Christmas approaches, i always start to think about my closest people, and that means buying lots of gifts. But lots of gifts, also require lots of money, so here are some savy suggestions for you,or better, for him :

The Bar Book, $25.16

Even if they won’t admit it, every guy just wants to show off his bar-tending skills, now and then. Help him make for you, the best cocktail you’ll ever drink. Or help him, help you sober up, after the Christmas party.

Ipad case, £18.00                                                            Vans iphone case, $28

Now, if there’s something, that every guy on the planet loves, is a gadget. It could be a cell, it could be a tablet, it could be an ipod, it doesn’t really matter,as long as it’s tech. Cause every man, needs to be ahead of all things technology. Now, i know, that all tech things starting with an “i” on the front, would require a heavy budget, but i also know, almost everyone nowadays owns a tablet or a smartphone. So, give him something to protect, this little thing he loves so much. Plus, he’ll be carrying it with him everywhere. Meaning, he’ll have you with him.Always.

Beanie, 8.33e                                                                       Fleck scarf, 11.11e                                  River Island gloves,11.11e

A nice package of warm things, is my all time favorite gift. You don’t want him to catch a cold, do you? And since he’s so bored to go out and buy these winter necessities on his own, somebody should do that for him. Remember the last time, you made him a soup?

Stitch classic watch, €27.78

We love jewelry, they love watches. It’s that simple.

Camera lens mug,£20.00

Motivate him to start something new, after New years. It could be photography,it could be guitar lessons, it could be a craft. Who knows! Just be sure to what you’re pushing him to, if you don’t want him waking you up at 4 a.m., to listen to that amazing new tune, he just came up with.

Skull money bank, £15.00

Save his pennies all year, and at the end of next year, he’ll have two things to be thankful for. Your gift to him, and his gift to him.

  Photo album, £18.00

Watching your favorite moments through a glass doesn’t even compare to turning the pages of a photo album. It’s like asking me if i like vinyl or mp3. Duh?
Print your best moments together and fill this up, before you give it to him.

Beach House – Bloom vinyl, £21.00

Vinyl babe. Vinyl.

This is not a book, £8.99

Please don’t ask what this is.

Now of course, the most appropriate tune for this post, is this :


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