New Year’s style resolutions

Starting the new year by making a resolutions list, is always a good way to sort things out and correct mistakes of the past. And while my list every year, is compiled with things like “Quit smoking”, “Go to the gym” and other health/fitness/exercise trully boring slogans, this year i thought i’d make a change and write down my 2013 Style Resolutions, since for so many years, i fail to quit smoking, or exercise more. Who knows, maybe i am not cut out to be a health freak after all, and my first resolution should be “Embrace yourself, with all your flaws”. Ahem.Or not.


1. Spend less. Period. Got to save for a summer trip.

2. If there’s an irresistable need to spend, buy quality clothes. Not a bucket full of cheap and low quality tees.

3. Invest more on shoes, than on clothes. With a tee,jeans, and a pair of awesome shoes, the outfit is complete.

4. Organize my closet. There might be treasure in there. Somewhere.

5. More ba-bling. I always forget to accessorize. Hope it’s not a sign for early dementia.

6. DIY. Yes. Now, that i own a sewing machine, i am going to do more things myself. And post about them.

7. Have fun with shopping. I used to have fun shopping at local stores, but i stopped doing that for quite some time now.

8. Wear more dresses. Where’s my feminine side?

9. Stop getting rid of last season’s clothes and find new ways to reinvent them.

10. COLOR and different prints. Yes, i want to add color to my black and white wardrobe. I feel like a prisoner or a cheetah sometimes with all these stripes and animal prints.

11. Buy more vintage. There’s nothing like a unique torn band tee with a mysterious story behind it.

12. Add some sparkle. It won’t bite. And maybe it’s not just for Christmas.

13. Try a new haircolor/haircut. Gosh. JUST DO IT.


13 style resolutions for the lucky 2013. Which are yours?

Maybe i should make the post sticky for the whole year. I tend to forget quickly.

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