Summer Key Pieces : What a girl should have in her closet to make it through summer


Ok, maybe i am 3 days late, from the official start of the summer, but better late than never. So, it’s that time again, when i present you a list, with what i consider to be the “essentials” of every season.



1.Distressed denim shorts. Cut them.Rip them.Tear them apart.Pin them.Draw on them.Sew different fabrics on them.Stud them.Spike them. Well do with them, whatever you can set your mind on. The more “used”  and destroyed they seem to be, the better.If you want that vintage feeling, of course. If you are too bored to do this (like i am most of the time), get levi’s vintage cut offs from etsy. Or the most amazing cut offs by One Teaspoon.

2.Bermudas.Bahamas.Come on pretty mama.The Beach Boys may have written a song about a pretty mama, about Bahamas, or they could have simply written it about bermudas. I’ll take my chances and bet on bermudas though. Maybe, you find it too athletic. Maybe you find it too casual. Maybe you find it too manly. I find it pretty much comfortable.Tell me, really, does this seem manly to you?

3.Maxi skirt. One of the hottest trends around at this time. Give me a crop top, give some heels (wedges preferably) and i’ll be alright. All summer long. Imagine this, with a white top and black shoes.Ok, you can imagine it with black top and white shoes, too.

4.Wrap it up. Wrap skirts made such a quick invasion in the last two months,that even if i didn’t like them, i see them so often that i think i am starting to like them. At least i like this one.

5.Denim skirt. Yes, those cute ones with buttons! I used to wear the hell out of them, like 10 to 15 years ago, i think i am going to wear the hell out of them again. Thank God for these comebacks.Cheap Monday made this right. Really right. This brand has nailed the 90s spirit.

6.Bell bottoms. Give me some flare! Oh, this bohemian feeling, i know lots of you are tired of seeing flare pants, but come on, would it feel like summer without a lace bell bottom pant? No, it wouldn’t!

7. Skater skirt. Maybe the most essential piece, since just now i noticed that it’s on every essentials list i’ve made so far. That has got to mean something. Girly and perfect for your summer vacation with the boyfriend. Show some skin, ladies. He loves it.



1. Open back dress. Baby come back. Or with your back out. That’s a phrase your boyfriend could tell you, since i’ve heard by so many guys that a backless dress is so much sexier and chic at the same time than any mini half-ass showing dress. So, hide the rest, and leave this uncovered.Take a look at this one.

2.Bohemian dress. Nobody does this better than Free People and i think you would all agree with me. It’s like their designer grew up in the 70s and has actually been at Woodstock.

3.Crochet dress. You don’t have to buy this. Have your grandma make you one.

4.Floral skater dress. Wear with Dr.Martens, 90s grunge isn’t over yet. At least for this summer.

5. Little black dress. Why? What do you mean why? I know you already have one.

6.Maxi monochromatic dress. Throw something like this on, when you are too sleepy to even think what you’re going to wear.

7.Beach dress. If you are a little shy like myself and like wondering at the beach bars, but not with just your tiny bikini on, something like this, would be perfect.



All kinds of tops. Crop tops, athletic tops, band tees, backless tops, swing camis, ribs. They are all essential. Though you should start with a simple white crop top, a black crop top and a white button down sleeveless shirt.



With these temperatures out there, i doubt that you’ll need a jacket. Well, unless you’re on vacation at the Greek Islands, where at night it gets kind of chilly and you will definitely need a light weight jacket. Denim would be my choice.But i have a full list of spring/summer awesome jackets here.



Definitely my most favorite category for the season!

1. Hats,hats and hats. Oh, yes.Hats. Snapback caps, Straw hats, floppy hats, wide brim hats,boaters, every kind of hat but please NO bucket hats.

2.Statement sunglasses. Sunglasses have become fun again, at last. This accessory is supposed to bring some mystery or maybe some fun to the outfit, and since everyone has been wearing Wayfarers for the last 5 years, the mystery was gone. Period. It was boring. But the Australian brand Quay has changed this all.  I knew Australians are happy people, before they were announced as the most happy civilians in the world. Yes, i knew it from their sunglasses.

3.Floral Headbands. If you’re going to San Fransisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. Well even if you’re not going there, even if you are going to sit at your backyard, to catch the sun, wear some flowers, wear your statement sunglasses, your high waisted bikini, put on some music and bam! you are at San Fransisco.

4.Bracelets. Lots of them! Stack them all together!


1. Flip flops. Yes, they are the most essential item for summer. Especially if you are going to the beach.

2.Wedges. Get some height. Be girly. Stop wearing those All Stars.

-Got to stop talking to myself.-

3. Low heels. Dynamic comeback, unfortunately they are not for me, since i am not famous for my height, (you must have learnt this by now, if you are my blog’s reader), but if i was some inches highwer i’d def get a pair.

4. Pointy shoes. Flats or with a heel.

5. White shoes. It’s the colour of the season ladies. I just got these 90s platforms from Asos, but i also have my eyes on these and these Vagabond babies.

If you love the 90s platforms, they are out of stock at Asos, but Topshop has similar ones here.

6.Booties. What? It’s too hot? Not too hot for these. Wear them for a night drink with a bohemian dress or denim cut offs.


Of course, there are those two trends  that  i can’t resist and you shouldn’t either. Dungarees and holographics.

So, that’s my list for the summer! Of course, i am going to make a “beach essentials” list soon, which will include all the useful items for your vacation. That’s why i didn’t mention bikinis and stuff.

How do you feel about this list and what’s on your summer lists?




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