Spring Cleaning : 9 tips to organize your closet


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The perfect moment to clean out your closet has come!Gather everything that reminds you of a stormy weather and make some room for spring brights and mood making items!

By following these simple 9 steps, get your closet in order:

1.Clean it out:

At first you should empty your closet.Entirely. Clean it on the inside from dust and flock and use some perfumto freshen it up.You can also make your own by using some potpourri, soap or ethereal oils. This way, every time you open your closet, you will get a nice sense of freshness.

2.Make some room.

A smart way to make some room, is to divide your clothes into three categories.The ones you wear, the ones you don’t and the ones that need mending. And since we are sentimental creatures, i am sure we all tend to hold on to clothes we would never wear again, just because they remind us of a special someone or a special occasion. But it is time to keep what you really need, so the things that you should ask yourself, before you fold your clothes again and stack them up in your closet, is :

“Do i really need this?”

“Does it still fit me?”

“Have i worn it in the last year?”

“Does it go with my style?”

If you answered no, to all of these questions, then you’ve certainly found a piece that’s just taking up space from your closet.

Be sure to do this with all of your clothing, one-by-one and when you’re done, you will have enough space for some new clothing.


So now you are thinking “and what am i supposed to do with all this useless clothing?” Of course, the best answer is to donate it. Now if your finances aren’t so good, you can arrange an exchange night, with your best friends, or you can even sell them on sites like ebay and etsy. And to quote some Sex And The City : “Sometimes a woman’s garbage, is another woman’s treasure”.

4.Get organized.Procure and store.

Now that you have it all cleaned up,it’s time to store them. Stores like IKEA, offer many low-budget solutions, to help you store away anything that don’t need to keep in front of your eyes. Out of season clothing is what you have to put away now.You definitely have to keep some items that can be worn during spring too, like a light jacket,booties or a cardi, but the fur jacket now belongs in a box.

Another smart way to protect your winter clothing from mould and dust, is to store them in suitcases you don’t use, so they don’t take extra space.You must also get some hooks, to hang your scarfs, bags, belts etc. inside your closet.

Clear boxes are the best solution for your shoes, especially if you’re keeping them in your closet. Buy some hard hangers, for clothes that mustn’t lose their form like jackets, shirts and blazers and some soft hangers for clothes made of sensitive fabrics.

5.Divide and conquer.

As a general advice, you should hang as many clothes as you can, so you can find them easier. Now there are many ways to categorize your clothing. Which one suits you, it’s up to you to decide. You can arrange them by colour, by season, by type. Personally i prefer to hang them by colour, and fold them by type. T-shirts and ribs folded in the drawers, and on the top the ones that i wear more often.


Closet cleaning, must be done at least two times a year, once before S/S and once before F/W to keep it tidy all year long. A smart way to keep it organized and neat, is to prepare your outfit, the night before so your don’t leave a bad mess behind, plus give five minutes of your time, when you returnin order to put everything back into place.

7.Have fun with it.

Turn the radio on, pump up the volume and don’t sweat it. If you need it, take breaks. Do it in episodes, like watching tv series. Keep in mind that if you want some new things to come you should get rid of the old ones. It’s not necessary to do it all at once, you can start one day with the clothes and the next day with the shoes and accessories.


Do not think of your closet as a simple storing space. Think of it as your own private little space, where you can get inspired.And anything that brings us inspiration, we should keep clean and beautiful.Paint your closet in a colour that spices up your mood and matches your room. You can also put some tapestry on it, photos, stickers, whatever’s your thing.

9.Make a list.

Now that everything’s in order, it’s so much easier to see what you need. Are you short of t-shirts? Pants? Shorts? Make some notes and the next time you go shopping take the note with you. Get the basics, so that your wardrobe is not only organized but functional too.You’ll be saving space, time and money.


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New Year’s style resolutions

Starting the new year by making a resolutions list, is always a good way to sort things out and correct mistakes of the past. And while my list every year, is compiled with things like “Quit smoking”, “Go to the gym” and other health/fitness/exercise trully boring slogans, this year i thought i’d make a change and write down my 2013 Style Resolutions, since for so many years, i fail to quit smoking, or exercise more. Who knows, maybe i am not cut out to be a health freak after all, and my first resolution should be “Embrace yourself, with all your flaws”. Ahem.Or not.


1. Spend less. Period. Got to save for a summer trip.

2. If there’s an irresistable need to spend, buy quality clothes. Not a bucket full of cheap and low quality tees.

3. Invest more on shoes, than on clothes. With a tee,jeans, and a pair of awesome shoes, the outfit is complete.

4. Organize my closet. There might be treasure in there. Somewhere.

5. More ba-bling. I always forget to accessorize. Hope it’s not a sign for early dementia.

6. DIY. Yes. Now, that i own a sewing machine, i am going to do more things myself. And post about them.

7. Have fun with shopping. I used to have fun shopping at local stores, but i stopped doing that for quite some time now.

8. Wear more dresses. Where’s my feminine side?

9. Stop getting rid of last season’s clothes and find new ways to reinvent them.

10. COLOR and different prints. Yes, i want to add color to my black and white wardrobe. I feel like a prisoner or a cheetah sometimes with all these stripes and animal prints.

11. Buy more vintage. There’s nothing like a unique torn band tee with a mysterious story behind it.

12. Add some sparkle. It won’t bite. And maybe it’s not just for Christmas.

13. Try a new haircolor/haircut. Gosh. JUST DO IT.


13 style resolutions for the lucky 2013. Which are yours?

Maybe i should make the post sticky for the whole year. I tend to forget quickly.

The end of an era : from analogue to digital

Recently, i was looking through some old stuff at my room, trying to make more space, when i found some old glossy fashion mags. Remember them? The ones with the fresh paper smell, that you had to turn the page, to read the next article? The ones that had perfume strips on them, for you to rub your hand? Yes, they still exist, they’re not free like “Who,what,wear”, or “The Sartorialist”, but you can touch them. You can store them. You can cut their pictures and create real inspiration boards, to put on your wall. I mean you can’t hang your laptop, can you?

With less than a month for Christmas,and after writting the last post about 10 gifts for him, i started thinking, that an era has come to an end, and most of us haven’t even noticed it.

The analogue era.

When i was a kid, Christmas didn’t only mean taking a break from school, or receiving an ATARI. It meant going shopping with my mom, for gifts and Christmas cards. Cards for grandma, grandpa, my favorite aunt,my best friend. Carefully thinking the wishes or poems i was going to write down, seal the envelope and eagerly waiting for that happy, receiving call from them.
Now, i haven’t done this, for over 15 years, which actually makes me sad, cause it’s another thing to give something for them to hold and another thing to receive a bulk sms, an email, or an e-card.

And this is not what the internet has brought. It is overall, the rapid growth of technology that changes our lifes every day. The small things become big things, and before you know it, some of the most amusing habits,some of the most joyful things, become a typical socialization or an easy “transaction”.

Shopping is another habit, that has really changed its face. Over the last three years, the times that i have gone outside shopping with a friend, have been really rare. Which is making me remember how much fun i used to have and try to think of the reasons i stopped doing that.
Shopping wasn’t just shopping, it was like a girls day out. Shopping while gossiping, drinking a coffee to take a break, then shopping again, then eating out. It was SO much fun. Now all i do, is drink that coffee on my bed on a Sunday morning, bookmarking the best new arrivals, to think all week what i’m going to add to my cart on the next Sunday.
E-stores, have such a variety, lower prices, are less tiring, you can buy it all in once place, have it delivered to your door and of course you do not have that annoying woman beside you, nervously waiting to see if you’re going to buy the awesome leggings you hold. But that was the joy of it. The feet hurting from the four hour walk, the last pair of shoes that this woman bought (and you wanted them so much), the t-shirt  that you and your bff both loved and both got.

Moving from analogue to digital, the impact on our lives varies. From everyday habits, to arts and crafts. But as the whole world knows, the art that has lifted the heavier burden of all, is music. Who can say that an mp3 sounds better, warmer and fuzzier than the scratches of an old vinyl?  Of course, an mp3 can go anywhere with you. On a laptop, in the car, on your cell, but i recall the time when i was a teenager and discovered my dad’s record collection, and it didn’t really bother me that i couldn’t carry them around.I had RECORDS. I prefered to go to my room, lower the lights, put the record on, fill a glass, and dance around it. I recall the time, when i was in England, spending endless hours in record stores, searching through hundreds of dusty old vinyls, to discover Nina Simone 45s. What a joy!


And the photographs. Oh, the childhood photographs. The 36 analogue photos, we printed and used to look over and over, again and again. The 36 photos, of an entire summer, that made their way into a photo album, organized by date or importance. Can you organize a file on your laptop by importance? No, you can’t. 36 amazing and spirit-capturing photos, compared to 300 of “hey, who’s he on this one?”   No, thank you.

The thing i am trying to figure out today, is if some things have lost their value,over the decades and shuttered by the speed of technology. Do we enjoy music less, now that we can listen to it everywhere? Do we really communicate with each other, when we give our wishes through facebook? Do we value each other, less? I can tell you one thing, i used to memorize my friend’s birthdays, so i wouldn’t forget them. Now i have facebook doing that for me. I used to create collages with mag photos, now i have pinterest, but i have to remember to visit it.

I swear to you my friends, my next post is going to be written down, with a pen on a paper. I am gonna scan it and show it to you.